My husband and I moved to the Springdale, Utah in 2015 after retiring. After a successful 18 year career as an underwear designer for a Fruit of the Loom in Omaha, I was ready to get away from city life and start enjoying the fruits of my labor... no pun intended. My husband Bob, a retired fighter pilot in the US Air Force and I were ready to embrace small town life in the beautiful state of Utah.

   In recent years I have started having problems with urinary incontinence and began looking for a solution to my new problem. I found several companies online selling incontinence underwear so I ordered a pair from a few different companies. Every pair I ordered was bulky, uncomfortable and it almost looked I was wearing a diaper under my pants. 

   It was at that moment that I got the idea for Stealthies! Putting my design skills back to work, I reached out to some former co-workers and we were able to design an incontinence underwear that were not only super effective, but they look and feel like normal underwear... and so... Stealthies were born! A new "Stealthy" incontinence underwear that no one will ever no you're wearing!

  Our underwear is also great for active people who love the outdoor activities like us because they allow you to move freely with confidence. Whether you have an active lifestyle or your just ready to ditch the diapers, Stealthies provide a great alternative to disposable diapers or bulky underwear.

Best of all our underwear is washable, re-usable, eco-friendly and extremely cost effective. My husband and I absolutely love our "Stealthies" and we're sure you will too!

 Bob and Estelle Rappaport